Friday, August 29, 2008


Today was my beta day and I received a BFN. I am not to upset only because I didn't expect anything else. The doctor did give me an option to do a Lupron flare or use donor eggs. DH and I decided to go ahead with the Lupron Flare protocol. I have already started back with the royal jelly capsuls and I will start acupunture around mid September. I am changing my diet a little to more fresh fruits and veggies and cutting down on any processed foods. I don't think that I will get back into a full fledge exercise program, but I am going to start doing Tai Chi Cha in the mornings. I did go an have a mint chocolate chip waffle cone. The doctor wants my body to rest a month so I won't be starting a new cycle until the end of September. As for now I am going to enjoy not being on restriction and free of shots for a while. I am still getting some research done for the Royal Jelly and Honey article, so stay tuned.

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