Thursday, September 11, 2008

Caffeine Helps Male Fertility

According to research, in some cases caffeine can help increase male fertility. If the sperm count is low, caffeine may help increase the number of sperm. If your count is normal, caffeine may decrease the number of sperm.

Most research says to abstain from caffeine while the below links says it may actually help. Other items to stay away from are smoking, recreational drugs, hot tubs, and alcohol.

“Much confusion has arisen over caffeine use in males. When sperm are treated under laboratory conditions with caffeine there is a short increase in the percent of motile sperm. However, over the longer term, the percent of moving sperm declines more quickly.
When men drink caffeine, most studies show a decrease in their ability to produce a pregnancy. The same Danish study that found a decrease in fertility from caffeine in women also found a similar decrease when men were the ones consuming caffeine.”

According to the Mayo Clinic coffee in moderation may actually increase motility. However large amounts had the opposite effect and caused sperm to swim slower.

It has been reported on some of the message boards that drinking a Mountain Dew the day before and day of ER has increased sperm count and vitality. The advise that applies to women also applies to men. Stop drinking coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, and no chocolate candy for everyone involved in the baby making process.


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