Friday, September 26, 2008

My Other Blogs

IVF is very expensive, especially if you have to pay for everything out of pocket. I am one of the few lucky ones that my insurance pays for most of it including meds. But that doesn't keep me from trying to cut some costs to save some pennies here and there.

Last April I my sister and I started a blog called Frugal Sister to help each other save money and cut costs. We also learn from each other on how to invest what little money we do have even if it is just in a high interest savings account. Lately I have been learn how to survive this financial crisis we are in.

For those who are trying to stay healthy while going through IVF, check out Healthy Living Frugally. There I post articles on foods of the week, stress, and exercise.

I have been asked how you make money by blogging. One way is to click on the advertisements that you are interested in or buying the books I have on the blog by clicking on the book. Please only do this if you are interested in the advertisement or the book. I have also posted a similar message as this one on my other blogs today. I usually don't do this, but I thought that I would share with those who are interested in the same subjects.

Please feel free to leave other web sites that you love to visit or your blog in a comment. I am always interested in other blogs and web sites.

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