Monday, October 20, 2008

Eating Dairy While TCC

One women on the message board was told that she should not eat dairy products while trying to conceive a baby. "The Infertility Cure" agrees. But what about all the other research that says differently?

Some reports have said that eating whole fat dairy can help fertility in women. I know that when I read eating regular ice cream helped women become pregnant, I kind of went a little overboard.

Eating whole fat foods can also help you lose weight better than eating the low fat versions. Why? Because the fat makes you feel full and you eat less than the low-fat or no-fat foods.

Innovation Reports quote:
"Researchers in the United States have found a link between a low-fat dairy diet and increased risk of infertility due to lack of ovulation (anovulatory infertility). Their study showed that if women ate two or more servings of low-fat dairy foods a day, they increased their risk of ovulation-related infertility by more than four fifths (85%) compared to women who ate less than one serving of low-fat dairy food a week. On the other hand, if women ate at least one serving of high-fat dairy food a day, they reduced their risk of anovulatory infertility by more than a quarter (27%) compared to women who consumed one or fewer high-fat dairy serving a week."

Some research says that you should only consume dairy that is organic. Hormones that are fed or given to animals can increase infertility problems. It is best to find a store close by or order food online that is organic.

What do you think? Will you eat or drink dairy while TCC? If so, do you intend to buy only organic foods?

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Keleigh said...

I drink a ton of non-fat milk (in my lattes and then before bed and of course in my cereal). I am 41 and just got my 1st FSH test as we have been TTC. I am shocked and dismayed that my FSH was 18 and my Estraoil is 16! I have regular periods etc...could the milk be the issue? I have also had ovarian cysts occasionally since my 20's...correlation?

Tina said...

Sorry, since I am no longer TTC, I don't check this blog much. I would do more research on the milk issue and ask your doctor. But you may want to switch to regular milk or even organic. I don't think the cysts are related to the amount of milk you drink. I have ovarian cysts and I drink very little milk. This was an article that I found, so do what I do. Research, Research, Research. Then make up your own mind on what is best for you.