Thursday, October 30, 2008

Egg Quality and Size

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Now for an article that you may have more interest in. Egg quality and size. What are our doctors looking for when you go for your ultra sound?

What is a good number of egg to retrieve?

For most doctors they would like 5 mature eggs for a retrieval, but no less than 3. Anything less than 3 has a very low success rate of becoming pregnant. "However, the high number of follicles could indicate the presence of polycystic ovaries as well as the possibility of over stimulating your ovaries through the use of fertility medication. There may also be some egg quality issues that need to be looked into." (quote from Pregnancy Info Net)

An average number of mature eggs is between 12 and 20. But all doctors agree that the quality of eggs are much more important than quantity.

What size should the egg for retrieval?

It differs a little between doctors, but on average an egg should measure between 15 - 22 mm. Anything smaller is not mature enough and is highly unlikely to become fertilized.

Of course there is the flip side of the coin. Anything bigger than 25 is considered over mature and will probably be discarded. This happened to me in my last cycle. I had an egg left over from my last cycle and the doctor didn't even count it as a viable egg.

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