Monday, February 9, 2009

Suleman IVF

Just watching an interview with Nadya Suleman about her view on having eight babies. I had some reservation on the situation when the story came out that Nadya had 6 other children at home and had no job and living with her parents.

Well, after watching part of the interview some new information came out that has changed my mind about the situation. Yes she is living in a home that her mother owns. She says she is paying rent, but there is no absolute evidence that Nadya is or is not working.

Nadya had a lot of problems getting pregnant and finally went through IVF to have a baby. She went through IVF many times and had one child at a time until the 4th pregnancy when she had twins. She had 6 frozen eggs from previous IVF cycles. She felt that she could not leave those eggs and decided to go through IVF one more time to see if she could have one more child with those 6 frozen eggs.

She convinced her doctor to put all 6 eggs back. It just so happened that all 6 took and 2 eggs split. We all know how rare that the split could happen and even that all 6 frosties would implant.

Nadya did say that 6 children was getting to be the limit, but she couldn't just let the 6 frosties go. She was an only child and decided at a young age that she would have a big family because she missed having a brother and/or sister to grow up with. I know that my grandmother was a single child and ended up having 12 children. I have heard that she did have a miscarriage along the way. My other grandmother had 9 children. Back then it was unusual to have that many children, but not unheard of. Nadya gave me some insight on my grandmother years after her death.

I have to agree that Nadya probably should not have gone through the last IVF and maybe donated the eggs to another couple. But I don't know that I could have done that if it was me. Most people have no idea what it is like to want a child and not able to conceive them in the "normal" way. In my case not even through IVF. It is really hard from me to really judge Nadya without really knowing the true story or even walk in her shoes.

I think that she should be given the help that all the other people who have had multiples received no matter what the circumstances. Those babies deserve the right to have at least the basics. I feel for the children especially seeing them and reminding me of my daughter who only lived 10 days. I pray that the children grow healthy and happy.

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